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Rating: 4.5

Summary: Working in a mindless office job in small-town Indiana with a stagnant love life, Maggie is blown into a new job in a shop called Enchantments.  While Maggie isn’t sure what to make of her new boss Felicity’s profession she’s a witch, Maggie is quickly pulled into a world she did not know existed – the world of magic.

Reaction: Magic meets mystery – I liked it. Actually, I liked it lots. The mysteries were somewhat predictable – the author plays fair and you can tell “who done it” before the end.  Maggie is a lovable and realistically written, and I sympathize with the family quirks that Maggie faces every day.  (My family is wonderful, but there are definitely quirks.) I also enjoyed the small town setting, where everyone knows everyone’s business. So – read it. Won’t take you long, and it’s short, light and fun.


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Stars: 3.5

Summary: Tamsin is a 17-year-old girl who is the only member of her family not to possess a magical talent, despite the fact she was destined to be one of the greatest witches in the family. But when a seemingly-normal customer approaches her with a magical request, she agrees to help him find a lost family heirloom because she wants to be someone who has the power to help him. A “talented” friend of the family (who also happens to be a cute guy) agrees to aid her search, but it doesn’t turn out exactly as Tamsin expected. 

Review: It’s cute – I enjoyed it. While my reading level may be a bit above that of the intended audience, I think most folks will find it a quick, light and relatively-clean read. This book isn’t a deep book in which the inner workings of a witch are unveiled. It’s a book about a girl who simultaneously loves and is annoyed by her family, a girl who enjoys flirting with cute boys, and a girl who is trying to find her niche in the world.  The plot moves quickly, and the main character is likable. I would have enjoyed more details about the other characters, but I suspect that a sequel is in the works that aid with that problem.

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