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Rating: 4.5                                                     

Discussion: Percy Jackson, meanders through life as a budding juvenile delinquent to whom very odd things happen. He continually gets kicked out of schools for unbelievable occurences that may or may not be his fault.  Percy explains all this oddness away until his life is in such danger that his mother sends him to Half-blood Camp.  There, he realizes that he’s special – half mortal, half god.  In the company of a daughter of Athena and a satyr, Percy sets out on a quest (I do love quests) to save the Olympians from war by finding Zeus’ stolen master bolt – which many others think he himself stole!

Very enjoyable, light and kid-friendly read. I loved how Riordan refreshed my mythology while entertaining me with the tale of a 12-year-old son of a Greek god realizing that he is both cursed and blessed beyond mortals. I can see the St. Louis Arch out of my office window, so I also particularly enjoyed the part where Percy visited the Arch and got into a fight while at the claustrophobic top. I’ll have to read the rest of the series – it’s definitely worthy of inclusion in my top YA books!

Who’s seen the movie? Good?


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