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Rating: 2.5/3   

Reaction: As a child, Grace is attacked by wolves and dragged into the forest, but somehow saved by one member of the pack with glowing golden eyes.  For the next six years, her life revolves around this wolf to the extent that she misses him during the summer when he’s not around. When Grace finds a wounded boy with luminous golden eyes on the back porch, she realizes that he is her wolf in human form. Drama and teenage love ensue as Grace tries to find a way to stay with her true love.

As I said in my TBR, werewolf literature was bound to spring up. In fact, I thought Shiver had many of the same themes as Twilight – struggling to retain humanity against biological mandate and love blossoming against all odds, etc.  Positive: This story is a different twist on werewolves in that the men become wolves due to the season and the temperature, with no ability to choose this fate or form. That’s interesting. Negative: The plot progression and characters just weren’t believable. If I were dragged off by wolves as an 11-year-old child, I think I would be traumatized and never, ever wanted to see another wolf again… I would not have spent SIX YEARS fantasizing about a wolf’s great eyes. That makes the beginning is weak to me and so I started the book reacting negatively to a main character – never a good sign.  Once Sam is human, I liked the story more, but I still didn’t find it compelling. Perhaps the characters didn’t have enough depth for me to really empathize with them and get into the story.  (And Sam just isn’t the same quality of stud that Twilight’s Jacob is…) Not a bad read, but not my favorite.


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