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And the mini reviews continue to roll:

Rating: 4.5/5

Reaction: In this world, there are two types of people – those who are graced and those who are not. Those who are graced are marked by eyes of different colors, and have the ability to do one thing very, very well. For Lady Katsa, her gift is killing.  She killed her first man – a cousin who was threatening her – at the age of 8, and since that point has been used by her uncle to keep his enemies in check through fear. She hates her role, and hates her gift that almost completely isolates her, despite her near invincibility.  No one can best her (or even challenge her) in a fight, until she meets Prince Po. Po is a *cough – hot – cough* man from a different kingdom who also has a grace for fighting. Through their friendship, Katsa learns more about herself, her power and her ability to choose her path.

I loved it. The characters are likeable, and I love strong female characters. There’s an interesting mix of eras in this book, because Katsa has a very modern feel despite the fact she’s set in a fantasy (old) setting.  I can’t say I was surprised at the ending – the plot progresses in a predictable manner, but it’s a fun, pretty clean read. I also enjoyed Cashore’s idea of a “grace.” While many fantasy novels gift heros with special talents, I like that these folks have a visible sign of their blessing/curse.

It’s well done, and made me want to take up archery or fencing.  I will certainly read the next book!


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